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I realize I haven't touched the blog in months, and I think that's fine. I'm really just tuning in today because I have an extreme urge to make a list of goals for myself for this year, and I'm much too lazy to get up and grab a pen and paper. (plus the likelihood that I'll misplace it is quite high- and what good would that do me?)

I am not a resolution maker- ever. But I am a list maker, and a dreamer. Those two things, I am SO good at, and since I didn't make any 2014 plans, I just thought it would be really great to do something for this year, so here it is.

1. Promotion to full time at work
2. Pay off past bills (which I've been paying the minimum on for years)
3. Apply for a mortgage
4. Thank You notes. - I'm so bad at getting these out.
5. Create a savings to add to monthly AND don't touch it until the end of the year.
6. Start the search for a church family. (and hopefully find one where we feel we belong)
7. Be more intentional with friends.
8. Read 10 books this year.
9. Learn something new --Take a class

I hope to add to this list throughout the year- (hopefully just as much crossing off as adding)
This year I really want to focus more on money management and relationships- two things that really got away from me in 2014.



What Fern Wore : Plaza Festival

Once a year our favorite little neighborhood in town shuts down their streets and invites small business owners and artists to set up tents and sell their sweet creations to the public. There are food trucks, and music, and a kids corner. It's devine. We didn't get to spend much time there this year, and sadly because we're on a bit of a budget until my new job starts- we opted for eating before we left home, and  I wasn't able to snag a pair of the new lovewell leggings in my favorite design from their new fall line (oh- but I will.)

here are a few photos from our day <3

love|well tee by lovewell handmade || red gingham bloomers by missainsleymae || cat ears from Target || braided sandals from Old Navy || sweet little monster friend handmade by our sweet friend Tommie.


Fernversations: summer edition

I wanted to officially wrap up this little hiatus with a fun little "Fernversations" post. She's talking so much, now, you guys. Actual CONVERSATIONS. It's nuts. and she's saying the FUNNIEST most ridiculous things. Here are a few things she threw at me this summer.

::While playing hide and seek::
Fern: "momma! hide too!"
me (crawling under the covers with Fern & Tristan) "okay! but who's going to find us if we're all hiding??"
Fern: (whispers in a super creepy voice) "chhhiiiicken pot pieeeeee"

::popcorn popping in the mircorwave::
me: "mmmmmm. what's that smell!?"
Fern: "choooooooocolate" (Frozen reference)
me: "nooooo.... not chocolate! guess again!"
Fern: "pooooooooooop".
::face palm::

After painting her toenails earlier that day:
Fern lays on her belly in the living room floor cupping my toes (in desperate need of a pedicure) and says "WOOOOOOOOOOW. BEAAAUUTIFUL MOMMA!"

In my room putting on my makeup
Fern: "tum on mama. Play Fern!" (everything is in 3rd person these days)
Me: "oh, baby.. in a minute. I'm putting my makeup on. would you like some of your lip gloss?
Fern: "fern's turn"
--fern puts on her chapstick, turns to the mirror smacking her lips--

Lately Fern likes to come up and put me in choke holds when I'm sitting on the floor.
Me: ack! Fern! Please don't do that baby, that really hurts my neck.
Fern: sorry buddy. sorry dude.

Fern's favorites: (quotations = as answered by Fern)

Favorite food: "Fern eats chicken pot pie".. it's true. she does.
Favorite toy: "... ummm.. chicken pot pie. "
Favorite word: (do I even have to ask? ) Lately it's been, you guessed it, "chicken pot pie" or "fantastic"
Favorite item of clothing: a dress. any dress, every dress. She also loves tying her blanket around her shoulders and referring to herself as "Princess Elsa Fern".
Favorite movie/show: Dora anything, "stickey mouse", and Charlottes Web. (which I'm so so tired of)
Favorite place to visit: The "libary".
Best Friend: "pay Lila" - translation: "play with Lila". It's true. Lila is a sweet little girl in her class. I dont know if she actually plays with Lila that much, but I always ask her what she did at school that day, and she always answers "Pay Lila". Unless Lila is some kind of MDO scam artist conning my child out of her piggy bank pennies.. You never know. It's the sweet ones you gotta watch out for.
Favorite book: "chick-boom-boom". Which translates to "Chicka-chicka-boom-boom" Which is the only book so far that we've received from our book swap- but it was so worth it because she LOVES it.
Favorite game: "hide and seek". She's the worst at hiding and we get such a kick out of it. But then when it's her turn to seek, she totally fake seeks like we do.. looking in laundry baskets saying "momma in here?... nooooooooo" until she finds us. Hilarious.

Noteable moments:

My most favorite thing that I hope nobody ever corrects her on ever, is the way she calls Mickey Mouse "Stickey Mouse".

Fern's MDO teacher has been teaching her salsa, and she's pretty good at it. note: yet another thing she does not get from her mother: coordination.

Anytime she can segway into talking about her "elbone" (elbow), she does. You'd be surprised at how well she makes it work.


The Poppy Press

You guys! I couldn't be more excited to share with you the most lovely print shop! My sweet friend Tillie just opened up shop at The Poppy Press TODAY with 15 different inspirational quotes or the option to create your own! I'd love for you to pop over and take a gander! There are some really lovely gems in stock. This one is about "The secret to change" is one of my favorites!

For the next week Tillie is offering 20% off on any order when you use the code  OPENINGPARTY at checkout!

...but wait.. there's more! If you head on over to Tillie's blog, you'll find a lovely little giveaway! Head on over now to enter! A winner will be chosen next week.

What's your favorite inspirational quote? (in the shop, or otherwise?)